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About us

The experience and skills of our traders and financial experts is the key to the success of the investment fund. The main objective of InvestBros investment fund is to ensure high returns in the long term. Our online platform offers a wide veriety of opportunities for us and our investors. Safe and quality management of financial assets in the form of invested funds is achieved through well-built trading strategies, through analysis of the market and professional experience.

Join InvestBros, get stable profits by investing with us, invite your friends and co-workers, become an official representative and earn even more!

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World representatives

At the moment, Invest Smart Ltd is working on finding new investment opportunities. Today our company has a growing network of local representatives working independently (you can see the full list on this page). All requests regarding adding additional local representatives are fully considered and analyzed according to our strategic plan.

Currently the only requirement to be eligible as a local representative is having referred at least 20 people that deposited at least $200 on our website. Please note that there is a limit of 3 representatives per country, if you apply and your country already has 3 representatives, your request will be ignored.




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